Hi All,

We (owlabs - fork: https://github.com/owlabs/incubator-airflow) have a high 
level design for how to improve the logging throughout the Airflow code to be 
more consistent, maintainable and extensible. We'd really appreciate any 
feedback on the design.

Design for Consolidating Logging Setup:

 *   Create a Class in the utils\logging.py to instantiate and handle setup of 
an "airflow" logger object. This allows us to easily find all setup code for 
further modification and extension in the future.
 *   This class would be where any general logging configuration (from 
Airflow.cfg) would be applied.
 *   Instantiate this class in this file, so that importing it allows easy 
control of the logging setup from anywhere else in the application.
 *   Move all setup of the logging in general to this class with easy to call 
control methods to turn forms of logging on and off (e.g. 
 *   Move any other helper functions related to logging that are still required 
into the utils\logging.py so that we can easily find them for modification and 
extension in the future.
 *   Ensure that all logging throughout the application is done via the 
"airflow" logger object, or by a child of this logger object. This allows us to:
    *   Leave all settings of the root logger object alone, so that we are 
friendly to any parent or child processes that are not part of the application, 
allowing them to safely manage their own overriding logging setup.
    *   Modify the settings of logging throughout the entire application via a 
single simple point of control.

Luke Maycock

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