Thank you for the quick responses!

My understanding from the latest python documentation is that '.format' 
supersedes the use of '%'. Therefore, it seemed a little strange that the 
Landscape configuration was advising the use of '%', which is why I asked the 
question. I understand having a check in to ensure consistency but I would have 
expected it to be checking that '.format' is being used, not '%'.

I would not be against Jeremiah's suggestion of disabling this warning. If 
no-one has any strong objections, we will go ahead and make the change then 
create a PR.

Luke Maycock

From: Jeremiah Lowin <>
Sent: 17 October 2016 15:23
Cc: Maycock, Luke
Subject: Re: String formatting

Indeed -- though I think the larger question from Luke is whether or not we
want to enforce a certain style of logging message (variable arguments vs
formatting the string itself). Since there's nothing to stop users from
formatting the string on one line and passing it to logging on the next,
not to mention that I don't really see the performance benefit, I think
this warning is silly and should be removed and people can log however they
feel most comfortable. Just my $0.02.

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 10:20 AM Andrew Phillips <>

> Perhaps I stand corrected! -- though I don't see where it actually says
> this approach is preferred. In any case, the Python 3 docs explicitly
> state
> that the behavior is only maintained for backwards compatibility:

Ah, interesting! From [1], it appears that it's now possible to change
the placeholder syntax so that the messages look somewhat more "modern".
As far as I can tell, variable components of the log messages are still
intended to be passed as arguments, though?

So with the style change, the log message could look like this:"A message with a param: {}", param)




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