0  - I’m indifferent to this, but would like to understand the need.  Is this 
to gain convenience for equals(), hashCode(), toString() and the like or does 
Ambari face a real problem that this is addressing?

On 3/3/18, 7:17 AM, "Balazs Bence Sari" <bs...@hortonworks.com> wrote:

    On 3/2/18, 17:57, "Doroszlai, Attila" <adorosz...@apache.org> wrote:
    >Hi all,
    >I'd like to start a vote on adding the FreeBuilder library to Ambari.
    >FreeBuilder is an annotation processor that generates (at compile
    >time) immutable value objects and their builders from interfaces or
    >abstract classes annotated with @FreeBuilder.  If you are interested
    >in the details, please check the website at
    >https://github.com/inferred/FreeBuilder#freebuilder  Their concise
    >readme has examples and explanations.
    >The reason for the vote thread is that a quick, one-time setup is
    >needed for IDEs for those working on ambari-server.
    > * IDEA: find the directory "ambari-server > target >
    >generated-sources > annotations" in the Project pane, right-click it,
    >and select Mark Directory as > Generated Sources Root.
    > * Eclipse: instructions are at 
    > * NetBeans: non-FreeBuilder-specific tutorial:
    >If the vote passes, I will add setup instructions to the Ambari wiki.
    >Please vote:
    >[ ] +1, add FreeBuilder to Ambari
    >[ ] -1, keep FreeBuilder out of Ambari
    >Thanks for your time.

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