Hi all,

I'd like to start a vote on adding the FreeBuilder library to Ambari.

FreeBuilder is an annotation processor that generates (at compile
time) immutable value objects and their builders from interfaces or
abstract classes annotated with @FreeBuilder.  If you are interested
in the details, please check the website at
https://github.com/inferred/FreeBuilder#freebuilder  Their concise
readme has examples and explanations.

The reason for the vote thread is that a quick, one-time setup is
needed for IDEs for those working on ambari-server.

 * IDEA: find the directory "ambari-server > target >
generated-sources > annotations" in the Project pane, right-click it,
and select Mark Directory as > Generated Sources Root.
 * Eclipse: instructions are at https://github.com/inferred/FreeBuilder#eclipse
 * NetBeans: non-FreeBuilder-specific tutorial:

If the vote passes, I will add setup instructions to the Ambari wiki.

Please vote:

[ ] +1, add FreeBuilder to Ambari
[ ] -1, keep FreeBuilder out of Ambari

Thanks for your time.


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