ashok _ wrote:
I am in a country with rather poor internet access, and ever since the
developer's guide moved to the wiki :


I have had serious accessibility issues - earlier releases of the SDK
used to include a PDF copy of the developers guide, unfortunately this
PDF copy is still on OOo v2.3.

Is it possible to have a offline dump of the developer's guide wiki so
i can set it up locally  / or an updated pdf version so i can use it
locally ?
i don't know how good it is but you can try the following. You can create a PDF based on collections. The DevGuide provides predefined collections for all top level chapters.

For example
- click on "First Steps"
- move to the bottom
- click on download as PDF collection
- on the left side you will find "Create a book"
- click on "Load Collection"
- override existing collections if necessary or append  -> play with it
- on the next page you will find on the right side a download button and before you click the download button select the PDF format
- this way you should be able to create PDF for each chapter

as i mentioned i don't know how good the quality is but as far as i know the documentation project is working on that.




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