I'm glad to hear that this is being worked on. I also have a need for an
offline version, since my workplace doesn't have internet access.


On 1/15/09, Clayton <ccorn...@openoffice.org> wrote:
> >> I am in a country with rather poor internet access, and ever since the
> >> developer's guide moved to the wiki :
> >>
> >> <
> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/DevGuide/OpenOffice.org_Developers_Guide
> >
> >>
> >>
> >> I have had serious accessibility issues - earlier releases of the SDK
> >> used to include a PDF copy of the developers guide, unfortunately this
> >> PDF copy is still on OOo v2.3.
> >>
> >> Is it possible to have a offline dump of the developer's guide wiki so
> >> i can set it up locally  / or an updated pdf version so i can use it
> >> locally ?
> > i don't know how good it is but you can try the following. You can
> > create a PDF based on collections. The DevGuide provides predefined
> > collections for all top level chapters.
> >
> > For example
> > - click on "First Steps"
> > - move to the bottom
> > - click on download as PDF collection
> > - on the left side you will find "Create a book"
> > - click on "Load Collection"
> > - override existing collections if necessary or append  -> play with it
> > - on the next page you will find on the right side a download button and
> > before you click the download button select the PDF format
> > - this way you should be able to create PDF for each chapter
> >
> > as i mentioned i don't know how good the quality is but as far as i know
> > the documentation project is working on that.
> Yes, we are working on it.  The steps Juergen outlined will work for now.
> The plan is to provide easy links for people to download individual
> chapters as PDF and ODT, and possibly as an entire book (which would be
> a huge single download).
> The limitation is, the Collection is static.  This means that a
> Collection that is valid today, is not going to be valid tomorrow
> (people are adding and removing content all the time).  We need to find
> a way to dynamically generate or respin the Collection once per week (or
> some other schedule) so that the Collection picks up the changes in the
> document structure.
> So... immediate plan.  I have to finish up with the recent Wiki engine
> update (some issues with the upgrade need to be taken care of first). I
> will then start working on adding a "Download as a Collection" link to
> the bottom of the FIRST PAGE in EACH chapter of the Developer's Guide.
> You will be able to click this link and generate a PDF or ODT document
> for the current chapter you are viewing.
> Mid term - I will try to find a way (with some help from the community
> here) to script things (using a cron job and the MediaWiki API?) to
> auto-rebuild the Collections on some schedule to keep the Collections up
> to date.  Manually maintaining the Collections for this large document
> is not practical.
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