>> I am in a country with rather poor internet access, and ever since the
>> developer's guide moved to the wiki :
>> <http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/DevGuide/OpenOffice.org_Developers_Guide>
>> I have had serious accessibility issues - earlier releases of the SDK
>> used to include a PDF copy of the developers guide, unfortunately this
>> PDF copy is still on OOo v2.3.
>> Is it possible to have a offline dump of the developer's guide wiki so
>> i can set it up locally  / or an updated pdf version so i can use it
>> locally ?
> i don't know how good it is but you can try the following. You can
> create a PDF based on collections. The DevGuide provides predefined
> collections for all top level chapters.
> For example
> - click on "First Steps"
> - move to the bottom
> - click on download as PDF collection
> - on the left side you will find "Create a book"
> - click on "Load Collection"
> - override existing collections if necessary or append  -> play with it
> - on the next page you will find on the right side a download button and
> before you click the download button select the PDF format
> - this way you should be able to create PDF for each chapter
> as i mentioned i don't know how good the quality is but as far as i know
> the documentation project is working on that.

Yes, we are working on it.  The steps Juergen outlined will work for now.

The plan is to provide easy links for people to download individual
chapters as PDF and ODT, and possibly as an entire book (which would be
a huge single download).

The limitation is, the Collection is static.  This means that a
Collection that is valid today, is not going to be valid tomorrow
(people are adding and removing content all the time).  We need to find
a way to dynamically generate or respin the Collection once per week (or
some other schedule) so that the Collection picks up the changes in the
document structure.

So... immediate plan.  I have to finish up with the recent Wiki engine
update (some issues with the upgrade need to be taken care of first). I
will then start working on adding a "Download as a Collection" link to
the bottom of the FIRST PAGE in EACH chapter of the Developer's Guide.
You will be able to click this link and generate a PDF or ODT document
for the current chapter you are viewing.

Mid term - I will try to find a way (with some help from the community
here) to script things (using a cron job and the MediaWiki API?) to
auto-rebuild the Collections on some schedule to keep the Collections up
to date.  Manually maintaining the Collections for this large document
is not practical.

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