Hi Johnny,

> If I only can read all the text in one module at once, that would do
> it just fine. If there is a simple one-liner that reads just one
> function or subroutine, that's a bonus, and if I can read a dialogue
> that's even better…

Have you tried:

Sub Test()

        Dim oLibs as Object
        Dim oLib as Object
        Dim sLib as String

        Dim mTmp()
        Dim i as Integer
        Dim s as String
        sLib = "Standard"
        oLibs = GlobalScope.BasicLibraries
        If Not oLibs.hasByName(sLib) Then
                MsgBox "Error reading " & sLib

        oLib = oLibs.getByName(sLib)
        mTmp() = oLib.getElementNames()
        For i = 0 To uBound(mTmp())
                s = s + mTmp(i) & Chr(13)
        Next i  
        MsgBox s

        MsgBox oLib.getByName(mTmp(0))
End Sub



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