I believe that AndrewBase.odt has an example that writes code to a module and then calls it. I also believe that it demonstrates how to walk controls and similar.

On 08/14/2011 02:11 AM, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
My workaround at the moment, is to first save my code to a file and
then loading it from the file.

Not that it matters why I want to do this, but I am writing a macro
that examines my subroutines and functions. I want to know the name of
every function and every subroutine, what module they are in, what
parameters they want, what they return, which subroutines and
functions (of those in the same modules) they call, by which functions
and subroutines they are called and maybe some more.
My macro works, but as I said, it reads the information from files
rather than directly from the modules in the Basic IDE.

If I only can read all the text in one module at once, that would do
it just fine. If there is a simple one-liner that reads just one
function or subroutine, that's a bonus, and if I can read a dialogue
that's even better…

I know how to read from spreadsheets and writer documents, I just
can't figure out how to reach the text in the IDE.
Hoping for an answer even though I noticed that this list seems quite
dead these days. Maybe people are busy doing real things…

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

Andrew Pitonyak
My Macro Document: http://www.pitonyak.org/AndrewMacro.odt
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