> On 27 Aug 2018, at 04:18, William A Rowe Jr <wr...@rowe-clan.net> wrote:
> Let's take a few more days on this. We are getting more and more good 
> suggestions as git merge requests to girhub.com/apache/app that are worth a 
> look.

What do you envisage doing with those days?

The motivation for a release is to fix one problem, and without risk of
introducing any new problem:

> There are a lot of reports of PR62644 from solaris users of httpd, can
> anyone RM?

Reviewing activity since 1.6.last, I see nothing else whose risk/reward profile
cries out for a backport, unless it be some of the Windows stuff I'm in no
position to judge.  Are you right now reviewing that?

I also looked at your github link.  Among those I checked out I don't see 
there that should be dealt with in a hurry (i.e. now) rather than at leisure in 
context of a minor-bugfix-release.

Nick Kew

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