Here’s your digest for today! 
undefined: <@U4SCXA5DL> i know, i removed your duplicate entry
undefined: [UPDATE] <@U546PEP9S> i answered most of the review items and added 
a commit, one last look?
undefined: <@U53NR8XFF> any followup on getting our API documentation up?
undefined: Yes, I will follow up tomorrow my am
 Just back from travel today
undefined: [UPDATE] well, i think all the work for ARIA-324 has been completed 
on all relevant repos ... hope for a final look and then merge?
 meanwhile i will also take a look at the work done in ARIA-174
 i'm eager to get back to work on clearwater. i think my next task would be to 
run the actual clearwater test suite: i think my little phone calls to myself 
might not be good enough :slightly_smiling_face: they are fun, but they do not 
test the whole billing and reporting apparatus, so it may very well be that all 
in not yet well with the TOSCA setup.
undefined: _Clearwater is in Tampa Bay, Florida :thinking_face:_

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