Here’s your digest for today! 
undefined: [UPDATE] a little bit of progress. fixes to the installation of the 
live tests (had to fight a bit with rvm, which is kinda like virtualenv for 

for a sanity check, i tried to run the live tests on the clearwater all-in-one 
image supplied by the project. more tests succeed there, but there are still a 
few failing! so, something else is up... i want to reach a state where at least 
i can get the tests succeeding on SOMETHING.

undefined: We have an Ozone channel here, and people without apache email id 
wants to participate in that. Is it possible to send invites to people without 
Apache ID ? The questions and discussion on 
undefined: <@U4QS5Q933> I think <@U4RAXBZ1Q> is the owner of this slack, and in 
turn would the the one who could make that possible.
undefined: Thanks I will ping <@U4RAXBZ1Q> in the apache JIRA in question and 
see what can be done.


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