I analyzed the Design of jax-rs whiteboard and how the trackers are interrelated. This is what I came up with:
Do you think this is correct? Would be happy about any hints or ideas how to improve this doc. I will also try to mive this to an apache system so we can all work on it.

One other finding:

I am not sure if the Bus handling is correct. ServicesRegistrator creates a Bus and a Servlet and publishes them as services. BusServiceTrackerCustomizer then picks up all Bus services and registers several trackers for each. I think this can be problematic if other bundles using CXF also publish Bus services.

What is the purpose of tracking the Bus as a service? I wonder if it would also work to just use the one Bus we create without the indirection of a tracker.


On 29.11.2016 12:05, Christian Schneider wrote:

I took some time to look into the jax-rs whiteboard code and noted some findings below.


  * The code is formatted with tabs. I propose to use spaces like in
    the other aries modules
  * In some java files there is a empty line between each line of
    code. I think empty lines should only be used for bigger blocks.
  * Some attribute defs are in the end of the class code. Will move
    them to the top
  * The line wrapping for parameters is different from the default.
    Generally I like the wrapping this way but the formatter is not
    configured for it so an autoformat would destroy this.
    So I propose to rather use the default formatting we have.

I just checked the aries coding conventions. Seems we have the rule of 4 Spaces instead of Tabs but not further rules. I think most of the code uses the eclipse defaults but we might want to provide a formatter to make it easier. Any opinions here?


  * The poms did not have the apache header. I already added it
  * The classes all have the author tag of Carlos. I propose we remove
    these as the author of each line is visible from git anyway and
    the author tag can be misleading if other people also edit the code
  * I get an error in each pom in eclipse at Manifest.write. Not sure
    what causes this but we should try to fix that
  * There is a project for log4j-configuration. I propose we use pax
    logging or logback instead of a fragment

Besides these there also might be some issues with concurrency. I will look into these in more detail.

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