FYI... I already uploaded the spec classes.



El 1/12/16 a las 12:41, Raymond Auge escribió:
I can request doing that, but for the meantime, we need to get a cut of the
API from the OSGi git repo.

@Carlos, would you retrieve the latest API sources from the OSGi git repo
and import them into the API module?

- Ray

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 11:12 AM, Christian Schneider <> wrote:

Hi Ray,

the new spec mentions the JaxRsContext. Is this already available in a
spec api jar?
Not sure if the OSGi alliance is consisdering this but it would be great
to have the most current spec (in development) as a SNAPSHOT in maven.


On 01.12.2016 11:41, Raymond Auge wrote:

Please consider the changes recently made and accepted to the
jax-rs-whiteboard RFC [1] (look for the yellow change markers)

- Ray


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