I am wrapping up some things today and plan to test Avatica Go against the latest version of Avatica.

I think we'll be able to make a release by the end of the week.

I am happy to be the release manager for this one.

The latest version of Avatica is 2.3.1 under Boostport/avatica, I think we should make this release 2.4.0.


On 10/04/2018 3:49 AM, Julian Hyde wrote:
We have to make a release of Avatica Go soon (like, within the next month).

As I’ve said previously, a tar-ball of the source (plus checksums/signatures 
and release notes) is sufficient. But we are an Apache project, and projects 
must make releases.

Can someone please volunteer to be release manager? I am too busy.

What should the version number be?


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