The release (3.0.0-rc0) is ready for voting. Do the artifacts need to be uploaded before sending out the release email? If so, can you please sign them? Instructions for making and signing release artifacts are here: https://github.com/apache/calcite-avatica-go/blob/master/site/go_development.md#releasing


On 16/04/2018 4:44 PM, Julian Hyde wrote:
Yes, the script isn’t very complicated. We probably need half a dozen lines of 
shell script to create the tar.gz file, sign it, and generate .sha256 
checksums. I don’t mind where you put those lines of shell script, as long as 
the next RM can find them.

The site looks good. It doesn’t have to be perfect before the release as we can 
easily update it after the release. I’d change the date in history.md from 
2017-08-xx to 2018-04-23. If all goes well the release could be announced ~5 
working days after the vote starts.

I’m not sure whether "~~~~go” will work. Jekyll markdown is a bit more limited 
than GitHub markdown. We seem to have to use {% highlight sql %} for code sections.

There are probably other issues in the site but we’ll only know when we start 
running jekyll to build and deploy the avatica site.


On Apr 15, 2018, at 11:27 PM, F21 <f21.gro...@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Julian,

The code is in a releasable state. A few questions:
- Building a binary of a library in Go is not useful/meaningful. For the 
release, we just need to tar gz the git repo and sign it. Do you still need a 
script for this? Otherwise we can write the instructions somewhere in the site/ 

- Still need to write the release notes. Can you have a look at 
https://github.com/apache/calcite-avatica-go/pull/2 to see if I have structured 
the site/ directory correctly? The PR is a bit stale, but it shouldn't be too 
much work to get it up to date.


On 10/04/2018 8:51 AM, Julian Hyde wrote:
Thanks, Francis.

The most important step is to come up with a release vote email with the same items 
as [1]: release notes, git commit, artifacts to be voted on in 
dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev <http://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev>, md5 and 
sha256 hashes. (The staged maven repository does not apply.)

Per apache policy, the release needs to be signed by a PMC member. I’ll be 
happy to do that. Or we could skip signing for the first couple of RCs.

Maybe write a shell script that creates the files, and a “howto” that the next 
RM can follow? I’ll be able to run the script when it’s time to create signed 



On Apr 9, 2018, at 3:26 PM, F21 <f21.gro...@gmail.com> wrote:

I am wrapping up some things today and plan to test Avatica Go against the 
latest version of Avatica.

I think we'll be able to make a release by the end of the week.

I am happy to be the release manager for this one.

The latest version of Avatica is 2.3.1 under Boostport/avatica, I think we 
should make this release 2.4.0.


On 10/04/2018 3:49 AM, Julian Hyde wrote:
We have to make a release of Avatica Go soon (like, within the next month).

As I’ve said previously, a tar-ball of the source (plus checksums/signatures 
and release notes) is sufficient. But we are an Apache project, and projects 
must make releases.

Can someone please volunteer to be release manager? I am too busy.

What should the version number be?


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