I have not received any feedback so far, so I assume that there is at least 
nobody strongly against this feature. Maybe I can sketch what I would like to 
implement and ask some questions about implementation details.

I would create an interface (CamelCookieHandler and two implementation classes 
InstanceCookieHandler and ExchangeCookieHandler. The former keeps the cookie 
store with its instance, the latter stores them with the Exchange.

Furthermore I would extend some HTTP based producer endpoints with a parameter 
allowing to set one of these cookie handlers.

1. The interface goes to package org.apache.camel. Where do the implementation 
classes go? org.apache.camel.impl? Someone building a Camel route is supposed 
to instantiate these classes.
2. Where do I document the general concept behind this? It's obviously cross 
component, so adding it to the component documentation does not make too much 
sense. Is the Javadoc for the interface and the implementation classes 
sufficient or should I add a Wiki page somewhere else?
3. I would add support for this to the camel-ahc, camel-cxf, and camel-http4 
component. Is the camel-http component still alive? Does it make sense to add 
it to other components I overlooked?

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