Hi Claus,

Having the interface (and implementations) in camel-http-common makes sense to 
me. This means that all the components below would have a dependency to 
camel-http-common. Does this make sense?

I would implement the support for cookies in the producer endpoints for

camel-spark-rest does not support producer endpoints
I don't actually understand how camel-spring-ws handles HTTP protocol headers, 
so I would like to leave the session handling support in there for someone else 
(who does understand that component better than me). Anyway the change will be 
big enough as it is touching so many components (and especially the tests for 
this are probably different for all these components).

Is this a way to go?

Best regards

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I dont think cookie belongs in camel-core, and a better place is
likely something like camel-http-common.

And there are other http client components such as camel-nett4-http,
camel-jetty, camel-undertow as well. And then for REST based there is
camel-restlet and maybe camel-spark-rest.
And for WS there is also camel-spring-ws.

So if anything like cookie is attempted to be something that is a
cross functionality in http components then you would need to
implement this in more of them, and not only a limited set.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 7:24 AM, Siano, Stephan <stephan.si...@sap.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have not received any feedback so far, so I assume that there is at least 
> nobody strongly against this feature. Maybe I can sketch what I would like to 
> implement and ask some questions about implementation details.
> I would create an interface (CamelCookieHandler and two implementation 
> classes InstanceCookieHandler and ExchangeCookieHandler. The former keeps the 
> cookie store with its instance, the latter stores them with the Exchange.
> Furthermore I would extend some HTTP based producer endpoints with a 
> parameter allowing to set one of these cookie handlers.
> Questions:
> 1. The interface goes to package org.apache.camel. Where do the 
> implementation classes go? org.apache.camel.impl? Someone building a Camel 
> route is supposed to instantiate these classes.
> 2. Where do I document the general concept behind this? It's obviously cross 
> component, so adding it to the component documentation does not make too much 
> sense. Is the Javadoc for the interface and the implementation classes 
> sufficient or should I add a Wiki page somewhere else?
> 3. I would add support for this to the camel-ahc, camel-cxf, and camel-http4 
> component. Is the camel-http component still alive? Does it make sense to add 
> it to other components I overlooked?
> Best regards
> Stephan

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