I recently had to fix at least two problems that could've been prevented by
> running tests and checks that are about to be turned off by default ([1]
> and [2]).
> I'd like to point out that this has happened while checks were
> theoretically enabled, and both problems could've been prevented. This
> doesn't seem to be a merge problem, or something that showed up only after
> the merge.
> I might be misunderstanding motivation for this, but my impression was that
> we, as a community, are striving to be able to have working version on
> every commit merged to master, and possibly even block merging in case
> tests don't pass. It'd be great to hear more about why this could be
> helpful.

The fail did show up post merge. And we have builds almost per commit. (I'm
working on it!)

Trunk broke here: https://ci-cassandra.apache.org/job/Cassandra-trunk/13/
And you fixed it here:

And a broken build email was sent out ( see bottom of
https://ci-cassandra.apache.org/job/Cassandra-trunk-artifacts/10/console )

Currently this only emails the committers/authors if the artifact stage
Committers, is there any objection that over time as things stabilise we
should slowly ratchet this up, so breakages and later non-flakey test
failures, on any stage are emailed?


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