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On Oct 12, 2016, at 10:57 AM, Emmanuel Bourg <ebo...@apache.org> wrote:

Le 12/10/2016 à 16:15, Gilles a écrit :

The 3.x line is obsolete.
No new feature or bug-fix should be introduced there.

Hi Gilles,

I understand you don't want to invest time in maintaining the 3.x line
and I respect that, but others might be interested. I don't think
pushing minor bug fixes to CM 3 will undermine CM 4.

Being fairly new here, I'm not familiar with how end-of-life'ing a
major version of a component works, but I would think that we would
want to have the next major version out and working before closing the
door on the 3.X work.

Because of the lack of resources, the consensus, for the last 10 years,
has been that only one version was supported (the last one).

Each time work was started on a new major version, only bug-fix
releases were done on the supposedly "soon-to-be-deprecated" code.

[Of course, this all broke down when people stopped working on CM4
without public discussions about a new consensus.]



Emmanuel Bourg

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