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> wrote:
> >
> > IIRC, many PMC members did not "like" the idea of having more
> > components.
> > Even less so if those components are being extracted from Commons
> > Math.
> > The least "problematic" one, Commons RNG, barely collected the
> > number of required votes for a release.
> >
> > Has that changed?
> > Shall we request git repositories for the candidate components
> > which I suggested back in May?
> To be clear, Apache Commons currently lists about 40 sub-projects. These
> projects are typically small and not closely related with any other
> sub-project in any clear way.  The objection isn’t to adding more
> sub-projects, it is to adding more sub-projects that seem related closely
> enough that really belong together.  However, I don’t believe anyone
> objected to Commons Math being a multi-module project.
> I would object to creating new Commons components that are forked off from
> Commons Math that have no maintainers. If there is code the Commons Math
> team doesn’t want then just get rid of it in your new version.



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