Github user stain commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -58,8 +60,12 @@
     public abstract class AbstractRDFParser<T extends AbstractRDFParser<T>> 
implements RDFParser, Cloneable {
    -    public static final ThreadGroup threadGroup = new ThreadGroup("Commons 
RDF parsers");
    -    private static final ExecutorService threadpool = 
Executors.newCachedThreadPool(r -> new Thread(threadGroup, r));
    +    public static final AtomicInteger threadCount = new AtomicInteger();
    +    private static Thread newThread(Runnable r) {
    --- End diff --
    A final ThreadGroup that is not thread safe.. The whole purpose of it is to 
group threads?
    It is true that they should not be used for security purpose, but that is 
not why it is here. The ThreadGroup is mainly useful for debugging as people 
might see these "Commons RDF Parser" tree grouped together in the debugger 
(e.g. in Eclipse) rather than the generic no-name you get from the 


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