Daniel Gruno wrote on 3/6/18 9:58 AM:
> Hi folks,
> I got to thinking about a community workshop at ApacheCon in Montréal.
> The rough idea is, we'd have a workshop for people interested in helping
> out with community development across the ASF and in $corps.

Amazeballs cool stuff.  It would be doubly cool if we could build the
slides/info for this track in a way we could also repurpose them as
sections of the ComDev website, to provide permanent URLs to bits of
training content people can also consume on their own.

> Some topics could be...
> - How to explain the Apache Way (the practical aspects etc)
> - How to reach out to companies for help
> - How companies can and should interact with the ASF
> - How does GSoC and other programs work
> - How do we govern projects
> - How do we handle outside help, from companies and volunteers

The Apache Way track in Miami I organized had a lot of individual parts
that cover these issues, although the speakers there each did their own
take on specific issues.  I was really impressed how well all the
speakers echoed each other's messages - even without all of us reviewing
slides beforehand!  There were a couple of talks that were exact quotes
of each other - but then explained the concepts in completely different
ways, the better to reach all audiences.

  https://whimsy.apache.org/events/talks - this is easy to add new
pointers to, and would be great if more people listed talks here.

I can help with specific content, but won't have much brainwidth to
organize the track overall - but definitely agree you've got a really
powerful message that should be in the schedule.

> and so on. It'd be awesome if people would, for starters, help
> formulating some things we could work on as a group (and in teams) with
> regards to community development in and around the ASF. If that bears
> fruit, we can look at distilling that, allotting a time and space for
> it, and put it into the schedule (assuming VP Conferences etc is okay
> with that - I think we're good there).
> With regards,
> Daniel.


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation

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