I like this idea and would love to participate.

Maybe some other topics to consider:
  * Reviewing our 'sources' of presentations and stuff
  * ...then consolidating them in a single place
  * Brainstorm ways to share our networks
    * ... to identify people willing to do outreach
    * ...to identify places interested in outreach
    * ...to identify places to "advertise" to

These come to mind because I think comdev could operate an awesome "hub" or 
directory for folks who want to spread the word but don't know where to do so, 
folks who have contacts that need coaching they can't satisfy or et cetera. I 
think the conversation would quickly turn toward some of our tooling and how we 
might refresh those tools or expand their purpose... which would make for a 
great hackathon).

On that thought, maybe a docs jam to inventory and describe our various tools?
Daniel Ruggeri

On March 6, 2018 8:58:10 AM CST, Daniel Gruno <humbed...@apache.org> wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I got to thinking about a community workshop at ApacheCon in Montréal.
>The rough idea is, we'd have a workshop for people interested in
>out with community development across the ASF and in $corps.
>Some topics could be...
>- How to explain the Apache Way (the practical aspects etc)
>- How to reach out to companies for help
>- How companies can and should interact with the ASF
>- How does GSoC and other programs work
>- How do we govern projects
>- How do we handle outside help, from companies and volunteers
>and so on. It'd be awesome if people would, for starters, help
>formulating some things we could work on as a group (and in teams) with
>regards to community development in and around the ASF. If that bears
>fruit, we can look at distilling that, allotting a time and space for
>it, and put it into the schedule (assuming VP Conferences etc is okay
>with that - I think we're good there).
>With regards,
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