On 03/08/2018 08:30 AM, Shane Curcuru wrote:
Rich Bowen wrote on 3/8/18 7:18 AM:
On Tue, Mar 6, 2018, 18:44 Daniel Ruggeri <drugg...@primary.net> wrote:

On that thought, maybe a docs jam to inventory and describe our various

So much yes to this but it is critical that work gets done before to
identify what needs done so that the precious time is not wasted on what
can be done before.

Yup yup!  To start with, just making a new page on the website (so it's
in SVN) would be good, so everyone can collaborate on adding useful
pointers.  Google docs would be fine too, but sometimes it's hard to
coordinate invites between Apache emails and Google IDs.

Longer term, with Whimsy it's easy to create a categorized listing, if
there's a little structure to the data.  For example:


This is just pointers to useful slides.  But adding a little more
structure to the data, it could be a listing of "useful bits of
content", that includes slides/videos, course curricula, checklists,
how-to essays, blog posts, etc.  It could also display all the
information by title, by area of interest, by level of expertise
(beginner, advanced).

Who's going to check something in first?  8-)

I was actually struggling, this morning, to put together some Todo/HelpWanted lists around the stuff that I'd like to see happen but don't have time for myself. I ended up putting some things in helpwanted.apache.org but not everything is relevant for that.

There are times when I really, really want an etherpad for stuff like this.

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