Hi- I’ve been able to successfully run cTAKES from the command line as
documented here:

This works great, but each time it runs it has to make the database
connection using jdbc and load the model, which takes 15 seconds or so.

Is there another script besides the runClinicalPipeline.sh that I can run
to just keep this running and send new notes to it rather than getting the
db connection and loading the model each time?

I know there is the cTAKES rest server project:
https://github.com/GoTeamEpsilon/ctakes-rest-service which I think might do
what I’m looking to do.  but as it’s still in alpha stage, especially the
docker piece of it, and I don’t really need a server I can just run from
command line, I’m not sure this is the right solution for me.

I tried looking at how the runctakesCVD.sh script works, as it does what I
need but with the CVD UI, but I couldn’t quite figure it out from looking
at the UIMA code.

Any guidance here is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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