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This is pseudocode

       // __aae is your analysis engine (there could be multiple)
       while(more notes) {
         // do something with the jcas contents here

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 11:06 PM, Peter Abramowitsch <> wrote:

> The best solution would be to put it in a server framework.  I was not
> able to get the EpsilonTeam server to work, but there's another tiny server
> version written in Scala which you can try.  I ended up doing one using the
> Spark REST framework.   You can build a non server / non UI version which
> does run at the command line by coding it up (in Java) to create the
> pipeline or using a piper, then create a jCas which you use/reset/reuse
> The core of it would be a loop like this
> jcas.setDocumentText(note.getFree_text());
>         _aae.process(jcas);
> On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 8:05 PM, Ted Pikul <> wrote:
>> Hi- I’ve been able to successfully run cTAKES from the command line as
>> documented here:
>> clinical+pipeline
>> This works great, but each time it runs it has to make the database
>> connection using jdbc and load the model, which takes 15 seconds or so.
>> Is there another script besides the that I can run
>> to just keep this running and send new notes to it rather than getting the
>> db connection and loading the model each time?
>> I know there is the cTAKES rest server project:
>> which I think might
>> do
>> what I’m looking to do.  but as it’s still in alpha stage, especially the
>> docker piece of it, and I don’t really need a server I can just run from
>> command line, I’m not sure this is the right solution for me.
>> I tried looking at how the script works, as it does what I
>> need but with the CVD UI, but I couldn’t quite figure it out from looking
>> at the UIMA code.
>> Any guidance here is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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