would be good to get the ball rolling on the 1.13.0 release.
Among other things, this release
has the long pending Calcite rebase changes and the sooner we get it it out
for users, the better.

Thanks for volunteering !


On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 9:03 PM, Parth Chandra <> wrote:

> Hello Drillers,
>   I feel we might benefit from a early release for 1.13.0. We took longer
> to do the previous release so it would be nice to bring the release train
> back on track.
>   I'll volunteer (!) to manage the release :)
>   What do you guys think?
>   If we are in agreement on starting the release cycle and there are any
> issues on which work is in progress, that you feel we *must* include in the
> release, please post in reply to this thread. Let's at least get a head
> start on closing pending PRs since these are usually what delays releases.
> Thanks
> Parth

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