*Update for:* DRILL-1491: Support for JDK 8
There is 1 failing
test FunctionInitializerTest#testConcurrentFunctionBodyLoad caused by
Jmokit library. Looking for  replacement for mocking private method.

Currenlty fails due to
Time elapsed: 260.527 sec  <<< ERROR!
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

Tried to increase *-DdirectMemoryMb* to 6 and 8 gb, but it then fails due
to timeouts.

Functional, advanced  and unit tests (except 1 described above) are fine.

2018-03-01 16:01 GMT+02:00 Parth Chandra <par...@apache.org>:

> Good show.
> Updated list:
> DRILL-6185: Error is displaying while accessing query profiles via the
> Web-UI  -- Ready to commit
> DRILL-6174: Parquet pushdown planning improvements -- Ready to commit
> DRILL-6191: Need more information on TCP flags -- Ready to commit
> DRILL-6190: Packets can be bigger than strictly legal  -- Ready to commit
> DRILL-6188: Fix C++ client build on Centos 7 and OS X  --  Ready to commit
> DRILL-1491:  Support for JDK 8 --* In progress.*
> DRILL-1170: YARN support for Drill -- Needs Committer +1 and Travis fix.
> DRILL-6027: Implement spill to disk for the Hash Join   --- No PR and is a
> major feature that should be reviewed (properly!).
> DRILL-6173: Support transitive closure during filter push down and
> partition pruning.  -- No PR and depends on 3 Apache Calcite issues that
> are open.
> DRILL-6023: Graceful shutdown improvements -- No PR. Consists of 6 sub
> JIra's none of which have PRs.

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