Hi Parth

DRILL-6216 is a release blocker that is being currently looked into. 

DRILL-6216: Metadata mismatch when connecting to a Drill 1.12.0 with a 
Drill-1.13.0-SNAPSHOT driver

Please add it to the list of required commits as well. 

~ Kunal
On 3/6/2018 9:53:06 AM, Volodymyr Tkach <vovatkac...@gmail.com> wrote:
Right now i haven't found the reason of
TestDrillbitResilience.cancelAfterAllResultsProduced failure, most likely
the cause of the failure is that the query is able to have been completed
before cancellation request is processed.
This test not only the case, there is one more ignored test
TestDrillbitResilience.cancelAfterEverythingIsCompleted and jira DRILL-3967
created, although the environment is AWS.

Maybe it makes sense to ignore this test to unblock the release and merge
JDK8 changes?

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