Hi, all

I'm working on spring-cloud-sleuth tracing integration with dubbo.
We've had users requesting dubbo for a while now for spring boot


One of the commitments we made was to have dubbo tracing included for
spring boot 2 applications, leveraging the efforts we made in the
Zipkin library Brave (which similarly had a backlog of dubbo

The good news is that, I've been able to get this working, which is awesome.


I'm only waiting a couple small patches and we are ready to go! The
community have been great and the plugin changes quickly in the right

I ran into a glitch as I was told that the plugin I use, the "alibaba"
variant, is not official. Rather, the "dubbo" one was.

https://github.com/alibaba/dubbo-spring-boot-starter < I am using this
and it works
https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-spring-boot-project < haven't tried this, yet

I would like to try the other version, but it seems to be in release
limbo. For example, it is not published anywhere and there are some
concerns about publishing it while apache takes its course.


Meanwhile, I actually like the plugin I am using and the person
maintaining it is good. This is a tough situation to be in where what
is working is not recommended, and what is recommended I have to build
or consume snapshot of.

How should we proceed on this?

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