Sorry, E-mail support for forms is not friendly, Here is a picture of the 
project structure change.

Here are directory of project structure changes:

Here are main changes:

  1.  dubbo/ renamed to apache/dubbo-website after import to 
  2.  dubbo/dubbo-spring-boot-project renamed to apache/dubbo-spring-boot after 
import to apache.
  3.  dubbo/dubbo-rpc-jsonrpc renamed to apache/dubbo-jsonrpc after import to 
  4.  dubbo/dubbo-feature-test rename to apache/dubbo-feature-test after import 
to apache.
  5.  The remaining submissions to the apache project rename the prefix dubbo 
to apache.

Reasons for suggesting structural adjustment:
   1. I suggest adjusting because the naming is clearer and easier to 
   2. Refer to existing apache projects apache/commons-io, apache/commons-lang, 
apache/commons-math and so on.

Welcome everyone to make suggestions.

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