Hi Ed,


What is actual requirement on this score cards? After submitting the data, just 
return the list of score cards? Is there any view we need to implement to see 
this scores?




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Hi Raunak,


I have analyzed this implementation found there is an issue with this. We need 
to modify this implementation.

Santosh can you create a jira issue for tracking purpose please.



On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 4:09 PM, Raunak Sett <sett.rau...@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Nazeer,

I don't get any exception log, I'm getting '204 No Content' from the server. 
Nothing is coming as a response from the server. 

I've used the ppi uploader to add a survey. 

The Philippines Survey can be found at 

It does have a lookup table as well which is required. 

But when I create a scorecard entry I don't get any response from the server. 
So I feel there is an issue in creating the scorecard entry which is silently 
failing. That is why there are no scorecard entries to fetch. 


On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 12:20 PM, Shaik Nazeer 
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Can you attach exception log if any please. I will try to set up and check it 




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Subject: SPM Survey Storage Blocker


Hello everyone,

In an older thread @Adi had fixed up the ppi uploader, but we still have a 
blocker on storing the survey responses. It has been a blocker for quite a 
while now on the SPM framework. Can somebody have a look the SPM survey 
responses storage



Raunak Sett



Raunak Sett


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