Thanks Yannick for initiating progress on this important topic and doing
some initial analysis and giving some early recommendations. I'll try and
get word out to some of the folks who worked on the previous Hibernate to
OpenJPA migration as well.


On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 8:29 AM, Awasum Yannick <> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I am hoping we could take some time to discuss and come up with approaches
> for achieving full Apache compliance on the Fineract CN project.
> I think there are still dependencies on Fineract CN which need some
> attention in terms of checking the licenses and making sure they are
> compliant with the Apache license.
> To that end, I began looking at the Microservices and checking the license
> of each dependency in accordance with this list:
> Within the mariadb component, i realized that the
> *​​mariadb-java-client* uses LGPL 2.1
> ​ (Is this compliant with the Apache license? )​.
> ​I don't know if there are other dependencies which are not Apache
> compliant like the known case: Hibernate.
> To migrate Fineract CN from using Hibernate to using OpenJPA, we might do
> the following:
> * Replace the Hibernate Validator with something more Apache compliant like
> javax.validation.*
> ​or a corresponding OpenJPA library if such exists.
> * Configure and set the LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean ( within
> ​
> MariaDBJavaConfiguratio
> n )
> ​ ​
> to use the right JpaVendorAdapter ( OpenJPAs own equivalent of
> HibernateJpaVendorAdapter ) within mariadb component​. And also the set the
> right properties for OpenJPA ( peristence unit etc ).
> ​I will like more experienced developers/architects in the community weigh
> in and provide additional details which will enable the gradual migration
> from Hibernate to OpenJPA and to get other non-compliant dependencies
> migrated too. From this point, volunteers can pick this up and make
> progress.
> ​Thanks.
> Awasum​ Yannick.

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