There are these comments though....

Discussion of Apache License v2.0 and GPL Compatibility merits a separate page.

The LGPL is ineligible primarily due to the restrictions it places on larger 
works, violating the third license criterion.
Special exceptions to the GNU GPL
Some copyright holders have licensed their works under the GPL with special 
exceptions. Although these exceptions may appear to be addressing the 
restrictions disallowed by the ASF's first and second license criteria, the 
exceptions may only apply to software not "derived from or based on" the 
covered work. This references terms defined in the GPL that include works that 
"use" or "contain" the work.

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Subject: Re: Moving Towards Apache Compliance for Fineract CN: Hibernate to 
OpenJPA Migration.

LPGL 2.1 is categorically included as not compliant.

Binary Code License (BCL)
Special exceptions to the GNU GPL (e.g. GNU Classpath)
GNU GPL 1, 2, 3
GNU LGPL 2, 2.1, 3
GNU Affero GPL 3

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Subject: Moving Towards Apache Compliance for Fineract CN: Hibernate to OpenJPA 

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping we could take some time to discuss and come up with approaches
for achieving full Apache compliance on the Fineract CN project.
I think there are still dependencies on Fineract CN which need some
attention in terms of checking the licenses and making sure they are
compliant with the Apache license.

To that end, I began looking at the Microservices and checking the license
of each dependency in accordance with this list:

Within the mariadb component, i realized that the
*mariadb-java-client* uses LGPL 2.1
 (Is this compliant with the Apache license? ).

I don't know if there are other dependencies which are not Apache
compliant like the known case: Hibernate.

To migrate Fineract CN from using Hibernate to using OpenJPA, we might do
the following:

* Replace the Hibernate Validator with something more Apache compliant like
or a corresponding OpenJPA library if such exists.

* Configure and set the LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean ( within

n )
to use the right JpaVendorAdapter ( OpenJPAs own equivalent of
HibernateJpaVendorAdapter ) within mariadb component. And also the set the
right properties for OpenJPA ( peristence unit etc ).

I will like more experienced developers/architects in the community weigh
in and provide additional details which will enable the gradual migration
from Hibernate to OpenJPA and to get other non-compliant dependencies
migrated too. From this point, volunteers can pick this up and make

Awasum Yannick.

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