> The wording in the license is very clear.  Which part of the highlighted
> text do you have concerns with?

I have no major concerns with the text, I do have concerns with CC licensed 
code in a release and just pointing that out. If a release contains no CC code 
and we’re 100% sure of that then all is good.

I raised a github issue asking for clarification, after looking at a couple of 
licensing issues they have had before I believe their intent was to license the 
documentation under CC, not all .css and .html files, so the license text may 
actually be a little misleading.

> You can double check with Legal if you want, but this is definitely not a
> blocker issue for Carlos experimenting with MDL-FlexJS integration.

Is certainly isn’t, Carlos is free to experiment away, but the issues should be 
resolved before the next release is made.


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