Software Update Notification

To support people to retrieve the latest version of easily, we will add a new menu item called "Check for Updates..." into the help menu. The mechanism to check for updates will only be activated in the regular builds created by Hamburg release engineering by default.

The menu item will be controlled by the entry "UpdateURL" in the version.ini|rc file, located besides the Office executable. If the "UpdateURL" entry has a value the menu item is visible otherwise it's invisible. "Check for Updates..." retrieves the version information of an installed and sends the data to the URL defined by "UpdateURL". If an update is available it provides the URL pointing to the download web page. starts the system browser to open this web page. The user is able to download the latest version. If no new version is available a message box with "No new update" will be shown.

For more (technical) information about this feature, please look into the following specification:

In the future we plan enable full automated notification on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris).
An automatic update of is currently not planned.


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