What's the latest opinion around running MR jobs from hbase (Master or RS)?

I remember in the past that there was discussion about not having MR has
direct dependency of hbase.

I think some of discussion where around MOB that had a MR job to compact,
that later was transformed in a non-MR job to be merged, I think we had a
similar discussion for log split/replay.

the latest is the new Backup feature (HBASE-7912), that runs a MR job from
the master to copy data or restore data.
(backup is also "not really core" as in.. if you don't use backup you'll
not end up running MR jobs, but this was probably true for MOB as in "if
you don't enable MOB you don't need MR")

any thoughts? do we a rule that says "we don't want to have hbase run MR
jobs, only tool started manually by the user can do that". or can we start
adding MR calls around without problems?

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