Backup is extra tooling around core in my opinion. Like import or export. Or 
the optional MOB tool. It's fine. 

> On Sep 22, 2016, at 1:50 PM, Matteo Bertozzi <> wrote:
> What's the latest opinion around running MR jobs from hbase (Master or RS)?
> I remember in the past that there was discussion about not having MR has
> direct dependency of hbase.
> I think some of discussion where around MOB that had a MR job to compact,
> that later was transformed in a non-MR job to be merged, I think we had a
> similar discussion for log split/replay.
> the latest is the new Backup feature (HBASE-7912), that runs a MR job from
> the master to copy data or restore data.
> (backup is also "not really core" as in.. if you don't use backup you'll
> not end up running MR jobs, but this was probably true for MOB as in "if
> you don't enable MOB you don't need MR")
> any thoughts? do we a rule that says "we don't want to have hbase run MR
> jobs, only tool started manually by the user can do that". or can we start
> adding MR calls around without problems?

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