Hello all,

I have been a user of the HTTP Apache client for years and contributing to
an open source project is in my want-to-do list for some time now.

Currently, I am looking for a mentor as my intention would be to
follow the mentoring
program <http://community.apache.org/mentoringprogramme.html>, as this
would be my first contribution to open source and to the ASF and I looks to
me like worth it to spend some time learning about the right way of

The project is of my personal interest, I would like to learn from
collaborating on it as much as possible, as well as trying to provide some
valuable input too and contributing back to the open source community,
specially to this project, that has served me as a great tool!

My understanding is that this is a big effort even re-using as much as
possible the parts from HTTP 1.0/1.1 and will include working in several
parts, not only coding: documentation, examples, updating website...

Looking forward to hearing from somebody willing to mentor me and proposing
an entry point for this my first open source project.

Thanks in advance for your time!


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