Ryan Bloom wrote:

> You know what's really funny?  Every time this has been brought up before,
> the Apache core has always said, if you want to have gzip'ed data, then
> gzip it when you create the site.  That way, your computer doesn't have to
> waste cycles while it is trying hard to serve requests.  I personally stand by
> that statement.  If you want to use gzip, then zip your data before putting it
> on-line.  That doesn't help generated pages, but perl can already do gzip, as
> can PHP.

Neither mod_perl nor mod_php should have to do gzip, as it's a transfer
encoding - it should be done transparently.

The job of making mod_gzip efficient (AKA not gzipping every file on
every request) is the job of mod_cache with cache_storage.c
optimisation. mod_gzip should be applied to all output where possible,
not just static files.

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