On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 06:19:32PM -0700, Ryan Bloom wrote:
> 3)  I don't believe that we
> should be adding every possible module to the core distribution.  I
> personally think we should leave the core as minimal as possible, and
> only add more modules if they implement a part of the HTTP spec.

The list has already covered the "minimalist" thing, but the rollup issue is
still outstanding.

A suggestion: create httpd-rollup to hold the tools/scripts/web pages and
whatnot for creating a combo of httpd releases plus supporting modules.

The -rollup project could create rollups of just ASF bits (proxy and ???),
but could also be a way to rollup third-party modules (like Ralf's module
bundles). I believe we have also discussed how the Apache Toolbox could
become an ASF project. I'd suggest that it goes into httpd-rollup as one of
its "outputs".

For example:

    contrib-1.3/    Apache 1.3 plus a bunch of contrib modules
    toolbox/        Apache Toolbox
    asf-2.0/        Apache 2.0 plus ASF bits
    contrib-2.0/    Apache 2.0 plus ASF plus contribs

Under httpd-site, we'd create the /rollup/ subdirectory and tightly
incorporate references to it with our distribution pages (to ensure that the
blob with proxy in it is just as easy to find/download as the core).

Does this seem like a reasonable approach to get out of the rollup logjam?
Given this kind of arrangement, would some module contributions or inclusion
have a "lower bar" to become part of ASF-distributed bits? etc.


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