On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Fowler, Brian wrote:

> Due to a requirement on a project we are currently working on involving
> using Apache as a caching reverse proxy server to WebLogic. 
> We are considering implementing the
> Cache-Control: no-cache=<directive>
> for the Apache 1.3 mod_proxy module so allow us to prevent the caching of
> certain headers served by WebLogic. (In particular the session cookie.)

I developed mod_accel module.
Documentation in Russain only but English translation was started:

It allows reverse-proxing only.
It frees backend as soon as possible. mod_proxy can keep busy backend
with slow client, i.e, using mod_proxy to accelerate backend is not
worked with slow clients .
It can use busy locks and limit number of connection to backend.
It implements primitive fault-tolerance via DNS-balanced backends.
It can to cache content with some cookie and ignore another.
It can ignore Pragma: no-cache and Authorization.
You can specify variuos buffer sizes.
It buffers POST body.
It logs its state.

I think it can not work in Win32. Probably under Cygwin only.

> Has/is anyone working in this area? Is there any specific reason why this
> has deliberately not been implemented already? (E.g. performance hit?) Any
> views on this directive?

mod_proxy is very ancient module and it's hard to maintain it.

Igor Ssyeov

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