On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Joseph Wayne Norton wrote:

> After I read your posting, I downloaded but haven't tried to install
> the mod_accel.  From you description, it looks like a very, powerful
> module with pretty much the features that I have been looking for.
> Can mod_accel work with the mod_rewrite module (in a fashion similar?

mod_accel can work with mod_rewrite as mod_proxy does ([P] flag)
but mod_proxy would loose this functionality if mod_accel installed.
In all other cases mod_proxy can work with mod_accel in one Apache.

> In conjunction with mod_rewrite as url filter, I would like to be able
> to use mod_accel as a proxy for only the http request portion of a
> client request and allow for the http response portion to be served
> directly from the backend to the client.  This would be useful in
> situations where the response does not (or should not) have to be
> cached by the mod_accel cache.  However, I think this type of
> tcp-handoff cannot be performed soley by an application process such
> as apache.  Have you a similiar requirement or experience?


But mod_accel can simply proxies request without caching.
You can set 'AccelNoCache on' on per-server, per-Location and per-Files
basis. You can send 'X-Accel-Expires: 0' header from backend.
You can use usual 'Cache-Control: no-cache" or Expires headers.

With mod_accel your mod_rewite using can be eliminated with
AccelNoPass directive:

AccelPass      /    http://backend/
AccelNoPass    /images  /download  ~*\.jpg$

> Is it possible to integrate apache 2.0's mod_cache with mod_accel
> and/or add mod_accel's features to mod_proxy?

I have plans to make mod_accel Apache 2.0 compatible but not right now.
I wait Apache 2.0 stabilzation.
As to mod_proxy, I've wrote replacement for mod_proxy because
it's to difficult to hack it. It was much simpler to write module from

Igor Sysoev

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