Igor Sysoev wrote:

> 1.3.23 mod_proxy calls ap_proxy_send_fb() and than closes backend.
> But ap_proxy_send_fb() flushes output to client so it can hang
> for a long time.

Then this needs to be fixed. I have 24 hours sitting on a plane starting
tomorrow night, so I'll probably have time then :)

> Why it will stick for 100ms only with slow client ? Will Apache 2.0 use
> separate threads for lingering_close ?

The idea was that instead of passing buckets from the backend to the
frontend one-at-a-time, the backend would feed buckets into the memory
cache, and independently the frontend would read buckets out of the
cache. So: When the backend was finished sending buckets, it went away
completely having finished populating the cache. The frontend would then
read from the cache taking as long as it liked.

There have been a lot of changes to mod_cache though, not sure if this
is still in the design.

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