Igor -

After I read your posting, I downloaded but haven't tried to install
the mod_accel.  From you description, it looks like a very, powerful
module with pretty much the features that I have been looking for.
Can mod_accel work with the mod_rewrite module (in a fashion similar?

In conjunction with mod_rewrite as url filter, I would like to be able
to use mod_accel as a proxy for only the http request portion of a
client request and allow for the http response portion to be served
directly from the backend to the client.  This would be useful in
situations where the response does not (or should not) have to be
cached by the mod_accel cache.  However, I think this type of
tcp-handoff cannot be performed soley by an application process such
as apache.  Have you a similiar requirement or experience?

At Tue, 19 Feb 2002 14:49:44 +0300 (MSK),
Igor Sysoev wrote:
> mod_proxy is very ancient module and it's hard to maintain it.

Is it possible to integrate apache 2.0's mod_cache with mod_accel
and/or add mod_accel's features to mod_proxy?


- Joe N.

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