Hi Daniel,

2017-11-02 11:41 GMT+01:00 Daniel Ruggeri <drugg...@primary.net>:

> Hi, all;
>    As has been chatted about in other threads, I hope to T&R 2.5.0-alpha
> in the coming days. I suppose notice is too soon to do so this evening,
> so I'll plan for early next week.
>    Also, as a side note, part of my motivation to be more involved as RM
> is to help establish a more regular release cadence. I envision a world
> where much of the drudgery of our RM processes are automated and have
> begin putting together some scripts to help with that goal. Nothing
> beats practice, though, to identify *all* the places that have to be
> automated so hopefully after this alpha is out the door we'll be in a
> good spot with some scripts and as minimal-as-possible manual procedures.

First of all thanks a lot for stepping up and take care of automating
RMing, it is something that we really need! I also like the idea of getting
to a point in which doing a release will be as simple as running a script
(that everybody in the PMC can do without the fear of doing a worldwide

I have a question for you about how do we plan to collect/list the 'known
issues' in trunk, in order to address them properly in the next iterations
of the 2.5.0 process to become a stable release.

For example, there is this thread that I'd really think is important:


I also believe that other people have pointers to things that would need
some love in trunk, but of course nobody has the overall complete picture
(I think). Would a section in STATUS be a starting point? I've read it this
morning and I found a ton of things to improve and a lot of suggestions,
that would probably require a big workforce to be completed (in parallel to
keeping 2.4.x up to date with bug fixes etc..). Do we have an idea how to
prioritize the work (or simply decide the 'must' vs 'nice to have')?



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