Starting service httpd with mod_md the OS is signaling an error-event:

Error 24-11-2017 10:25:34 Apache Service 3299
The Apache service named  reported the following error:

>>> [Fri Nov 24 10:25:34.432533 2017] [md:info] [pid 7704:tid 444] AH10071: mod_md (v1.0.3-git), initializing... .

Also warnings are signaled as error-event, for example:

Error 24-11-2017 13:57:47 Apache Service 3299
The Apache service named  reported the following error:

>>> [Fri Nov 24 13:57:47.194101 2017] [md:warn] [pid 9460:tid 456] AH10045: No VirtualHost matches Managed Domain xxxxx.nl .

loglevel info
Other modules (like mod_http2) has the same kind of (initializing) messages, and no signaling an error by the OS.

mod-ssl, as pointed before is going to contain experimental code. Seen so far only patched mod-ssl tested with mod_md.

We need to make-sure/test patched mod-ssl without mod_md, and check interference with /.well-known/acme-challenge/ from other LetsEncrypt utilities.

When I understand we do not have a2md command line anymore since yesterday ?
Just curious about the reason ? Was building fine on Windows.

Quick look windows
See _tryserf in Buildbin.dsp
Miss  mak files and others

Reminder:  last week off-list to Stefan:
Baseaddr.ref never backports as is without conflict
BuildBin.dsp however will never patch because of _tryserf in trunk.

I am new to svn and did not used the patches file in /patches but latest git, not clear to me against what I have to patch (trunk, 2.4 or trunk_md ?):I like to see the patched/new files.

On Thursday 23/11/2017 at 16:27, Stefan Eissing  wrote:
Happy Turkey everyone!

Just added backport proposals and patches for mod_md to 2.4.x/STATUS. The mod_ssl patch proposed is the minimal one, without policy or other niceties.

I hope I did get all Windows related changes, people might want to check this. Also, I think I just got the basics from the docs.



PS. Boy, does CHANGES and generated html suck!

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