On 11/24/2017 07:22 PM, Steffen wrote:
> -1 

> *mod_ssl*
> -----------
> mod-ssl, as pointed before is going to contain experimental code. Seen so far 
> only patched mod-ssl tested with mod_md.

If mod_md is not loaded mod_ssl does nothing different except for one log 
message. All other code is actually only
executed if mod_md is loaded.

> btw.
> ----
> I am new to svn and did not used the patches file in /patches but latest git, 
> not clear to me against what I have to patch (trunk, 2.4 or trunk_md ?):I 
> like to see the patched/new files.

The patches needs to be applied to the svn branch they are proposed against. In 
this case 2.4.

Two other questions to the patch though:

1. mod_md.h is required as it is included by ssl_engine_init.c but it is not 
included in the patch.
2. Who is consumer of modssl_read_encrypted_pkey?



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