> Am 28.11.2017 um 16:40 schrieb Rich Bowen <rbo...@rcbowen.com>:
> I'm reading the mod_md docs, and want some clarification on the following. In 
> the docs for directive ManagedDomain, we have:

Thanks for reviewing these.

> There are two special names that you may use in this directive: 'manual' and 
> 'auto'. This determines if a Managed Domain shall have exactly the name list 
> as is configured ('manual') or offer more convenience. With 'auto' all names 
> of a virtual host are added to a MD.
> This is followed by an example that uses neither 'manual' nor 'auto', and 
> thus it's unclear what the above paragraph refers to.

I updated the section with an additional example and more explanation.

> I believe that it refers to the MDDriveMode directive, which does not appear 
> in the example.
> I propose to patch the above paragraph to clarify that that's what's being 
> talked about.

> Related: I also would like to question the wisdom of having a ManagedDomain 
> directive and a <ManagedDomain> container. This will most assuredly lead to 
> user confusion and lengthy IRC conversations. I would request that the naming 
> of one of these directives be reconsidered. (No, I'm not suggesting anything. 
> I suck at naming things.)

I concur that you have more experience in supporting httpd users than myself. 
Personally, I do like it obviously. 

(I am biased and suck at renaming things.)


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